There are numerous risks associated with the world of manufacturing. Whether you manufacture cabinets, plastics, glass, industrial equipment, building materials or other products, we will identify your risks and develop a tailored comprehensive plan to protect you and your specific operation. We also have a network of risk management trainers and instructors, including our own agents, who offer programs to manage risk, control claims, and reduce costs through proactive education programs. We are dedicated to working with you to develop a cost-effective, comprehensive insurance program specially designed to protect your business and to save you money.

We offer insurance in these areas as well as other more specialized coverage:

  • Boiler and Machinery
  • Brands and Labels (Patterns, Dies, Molds and Forms)
  • Dependent Property
  • Manufacturers Consequential Loss
  • Manufacturers Selling Price Finished Stock
  • Off-site Power Failure
  • Product Withdrawal Expense
  • Property in Transit
  • Specialty Equipment